Why Vote For Anisa?

My experiences as a mother, minister, counselor, advocate, and volunteer have taught me a great deal about the vital need for strong, effective, and collaborative communication systems and about the management of boards, budgets, and the need for accountable, sustainable growth and planning.

I have worked with many people and families with diverse perspectives and needs, and my service in pediatric chaplaincy has heightened my sensitivity to the challenges families of all configurations face. We have a great deal to be grateful for in our tight-knit community, and I want share in the leadership that continues to sustain and improve our school district as an oasis of hope, health, and learning for all our children in the midst of community growth.

My efforts as a Beechwood District board member would focus on serving the educational needs of all the children in our district, guided by our mission. Beechwood flourishes because we attend to students as resilient learners and we strive to create a unique community dedicated to student achievement, competency, and excellence. I want to continue to sustain that advocacy for all students and families in our district.

Our teachers and staff are extraordinary!  Support for a creative, challenging, and fulfilling work environment for teachers and staff is support for a creative, challenging, and fulfilling learning environment for our students.

Prudent use of our financial resources includes supporting growth and long-range planning that does not increase tax burden.  

Effective boards seek to cultivate collaborative relationships with the community and establish strong communication systems in ways that build mutual trust, and achieve district goals.


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